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Online Town is a social network where people can share photos, join discussion communities, make new friends and enjoy the great things that life has to offer. Online Town is available at Google Play for Android devices and supports any modern browser. Become a citizen today!

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Let's Change Things!

Our mission is simple: We want to offer the most friendly and privacy oriented social network on the internet. Unlike other social networks, we do not collect any personal details such as your name, address or the city you live in, we don't send newsletters, email notifications (or any other form of spam messages) and we also don't share any information about our community members with third parties. At Online Town, you are in control when it comes to privacy.

Real People

Another reason why we have created our social network is because we were tired of seeing automated posts on most networks. At Online Town we do not offer APIs or tools that people can use to auto-post to their profile. We want to keep things real.

Virtual Currency Features

Online Town employs its own virtual currency which can be used to send virtual gifts to other social network users, to play various games and to upgrade account features. Credits can be earned by joining contests, being active on the site or by playing games. Credits can also be purchased if required.

Member Rewards

From time to time, Online Town rewards community members in various ways. We reward members who actively refer friends to our social network, users who are active and also users who participate in our contests. Rewards include gift certificates, account upgrades and much more. We enjoy surprising our community members, so don't expect us to give out too much information, as it would spoil the fun.

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